Chang 'Paul' Kang is a graduate of Seoul National

University in Korea where he studied Law and Communications. He also attended graduate school at Hamburg University in Germany to further his Law education. Once he moved to the United States, he worked as a radio journalist based in Los Angeles.  During his time as a journalist, he became friends with an artist who encouraged  him to take some art classes since he was always interested in the art world.


Paul soon discovered the joys of painting and fell in love with the canvas that  provided to express his creativity.  He draws upon his life experiences to convey the beauty he sees in nature, the realness of humanity, and the ebb and flow of world we live in. His use of colors reflects the complexities of human emotions and mother nature.   


Paul now focuses exclusively on painting and his art work had been shown in various exhibits throughout Los 

Angeles, Pasadena, Vernon and San Pedro.


Paul was honored that his work was selected as ' outstanding ' at The 33rd Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, which was called Korea National Exhibition.






© 2014 by CHANG'PAUL' KANG

Los Angeles, CA

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